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Distillery Design

Distillery Design & Layout

Many problems can be eliminated before they become problems if a distillery has the proper design and flow.  Get this right and each step following will be easier.

Distillery Sciences

Distillery Sciences

This is a broad category concerning the biological, chemical and biochemical elements that will need to be addressed in order to run a successful and efficient process.

Grain Selection

Grain Selection & Mashing/Cooking

Grain selection and how the grains are prepared, not only impact the final product, but also determine efficiency and overall yield.


The yeasting process is a key part of the creation of great product and one that, in my experience, is most often overlooked.  There are many yeast strains out there and different ways to prepare and utilize them all.  Each strain is unique in its ability to create desired components in desirable, and in some cases undesirable conditions. 

Yeasting Expertise


This is where the majority of the many components of your spirit are actually created.  Everything leading up to this point will impact your fermentation in one way or the other.  Getting you fermentations right is critical.  


There are different ways to distill and each involves some different equipment and each has it's own unique effect on your spirit, but the goal remains the same.  Separate the components that you want in your spirit from the ones that you don’t.  


Additional areas of expertise


Barreling, warehousing & maturation

Chill filtration & others

Blending & creative product development

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